KL Betty Loose Fit Kleid Doree

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Produktinformationen "KL Betty Loose Fit Kleid Doree"
100 % Viskose (Ecovero)
Fiesta Rot
EcoVero™ Lenzing™ Viskose
DROur sizes
Our collection mainly consists of stretchable fabrics that optimize the fitting range. In case of nonstretchable fabrics we sometimes add an XL size.
King Louie Ladies
Stretchable fabrics:
XS 34 / S 36 / M 38 / L 40
Non-stretchable fabrics:
S 36 / M 38 / L 40 / XL 42
King Louie Gents
S 44 - 50 / M 48 - 50 / L 52 - 54 / XL 56 - 58
King Louie uses the following textile fabrics:
1. Natural fibers
These fibers spring from nature, originating from animals or plants. Animal fibers are wool (lamb
wool, cashmere, mohair, angora, alpaca) and silk (from the silkworm cocoon). Plant fibers are
cotton, linen, hemp, bamboo, ramie and sisal.
2. Artificial fibers
Artificial fibers are man made natural fibers. King Louie uses mostly viscose, also known as artificial
silk. Viscose is also known as rayon and is based on celluloid (cotton or wood pulp). Modal and
Tencel are widely used brandnames.
3. Synthetic fibers
Synthetic fibers are completely man made. Synthethic fibers are polyester, polyamide (nylon),
acrylic fibre (often combined with wool), lurex (metal wire) or spandex. Lycra is the best known
brandname. The term microfibre is used to indicate it's a very fine fibre. This can be either polyester
or polyamideUCKEN

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